What is Trading in Stock Market? What is Intraday?

Hello friends, today we will learn what is trading? And how can you trade. Now as you have heard the word trading you must have known this. A trader is a person who buys something to sell at a higher price. You may have seen in the offline market that people buy goods at lower prices and sell at higher prices. The profit that remains in it is their profit.

What is Trading in Stock Market?

I would suggest you open your Demat account with either Angel Broking or Upstox broker. I use both these broker’s demat accounts myself. In this, in Angel Broking, your Demat account is created for free, while in Upstox, sometimes there is an account opening fee and sometimes it is opened for free. So with the link given above you can open your Demat account in one of these two companies.

In this article I am just talking about stock market trading. By the way trading is a lot of things but I know about stock i.e. stock trading. That is why I will talk to you today about trading stocks in the stock market. The first thing you need to do when trading in stocks is to open a demat account with any company. There are full service and discount brokers in the market today.

What are the types of trading?

You can also trade stocks in three ways.

  • Intraday Trading
  • Future Trading
  • Option Trading
  • Swing Trading

How to open a Trading Account?

You must first open a Demat and Trading account to trade. I use Upstox myself. You need PAN CARD, AADHAR CARD, Mobile Number to open a trading account. You can easily open this account. Upstox is quite easy to use so you can use it too.

What is trading for? – Share Trading in Hindi

Trading in the stock market is done in two ways. In a stock that you will also know every single company that is listed in the stock market. He has a stock in which you can trade, that is, you can buy and sell it.The other thing is commodity in which people trade. Commodities i.e. gold, silver, natural gas, crude oil all these things come in the commodity market. In commodities, you can trade on futures contacts. Now what is a future contract? We will understand this later.Keep in mind that the market for stocks and commodities is different. The stock market exchanges are NSE and BSE. The same commodity trading exchange is MCX.

How To Make Money From Intraday Trading?

What is intraday trading? This is now understood. Now let’s talk about how to make money from intraday trading. Intraday trading is a very short term thing in which you can make a profit or a loss today. You must first have a demat account to do intraday trading.

You have to select the stocks first. Finding stocks with good volatility for intraday trading.You can choose such stocks for this. Who has been following a trend for the last few days. Like some stocks are uptrend for four days. So you can buy stocks at right price by doing technical analysis. In day trading you can get 2 to 3% profit of daily.

Best Broker App for Trading

What is swing trading? (What is swing trading)

Swing trading means you want to hold a single stock trade for a few days or weeks or months. That trade is called swing trade. In this you do not sell the stock in one day like intraday but hold it for a few days. Most people do swing trading in futures trading. In swing trading, the risk is a little less so if your trade did not go your way then you can hold it.

What is liquid stock?

Liquid stock means how quickly you can buy or sell shares of a company. Like in a company you bought 100 shares for 200 rupees and after 30 minutes it became 200 shares for 210 and you sold it. So that means the stock of that company is liquid. The advantage of investing in liquid stock is that you can sell it whenever you want and take your money.

How to do option trading?

You can trade options in Nifty Bank Nifty in stocks. For this you will need a demat account. You can start with your broker. You too can trade in options. Options are a type of derivative that depends on its price. Understand this in such a way that you want to buy a stock in the future. You know its price is going to increase further in the future. So you can buy the Nifty Bank Nifty option of that stock for that month or week.

How to trade in cryptocurrency?

You can also trade in Cryptocurrency for which you will also need an account. You cannot do crypto trading with your normal demat account. For this you need another trading account. If the key is for crypto then you can create your account on Coinswitch Kuber this app. In this you can do crypto trading very easily.

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